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Fallen Crest Forever

Fallen Crest Forever - Tijan

"Mason Kade is the dream. He is the promise. He’s offering what so many would fantasize about, and it’s not that I don’t want it/him/us. It’s the opposite. There might be ghosts haunting me, but this man who's my soulmate is asking me for forever. How can I say no to someone who already gave me my happily ever after?"

Guys.... I literally can't even begin to describe how much I LOVE this entire series. I am not afraid to say I totally cried at the end (with happiness and of course sadness). I started reading this books my senior year of highschool and finished the ENTIRE series my senior year of college. Full circle am I right?

I absolutely loved this book it brought everything full circle and gave me the happy ending I have wanted for them since the beginning. The characters are well developed throughout the series and I even fell in love with the new characters introduced in the last novel (Matteo and Grace 4ever)

Family is super important to me so how this entire series pretty much slams into your face about how family is always there for each other, really spoke to me. I have loved this series for over 4 years and will love it till the day i die.

Thank you Tijan for giving me a series that made me laugh, cry and fall in love with the character forever.

To the Threesome Fearsome who no one can break!